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Mounir Albert Shehfe, born in Alexandria in 1954, graduated from the American University of Beirut, University of Aston in Birmingham, and City University, Washington, with an MS in Chemistry and a Masters in Business Administration. Mounir joined the family business in 1975 and has initiated many of the family businesses and their growth.

Mr. Shehfe is a prominent citizen of Alexandria and a strong figure in the community. Mounir is proud to have served as Chairman of INSCA from 2006-2009, and currently sits on the board of many organizations and is highly recognized among his peers. Mounir is the father of three sons, two of which have joined the growing family enterprises.

Nadim Albert Shehfe, the younger brother of Mounir, was born in Alexandria in 1956. He earned his BS degree in Mechanical Engineering from ASTON University in Birmingham, England and later earned an MS degree from M.I.T (Massachusetts) in Heat Transfer. Upon his graduation in October 1979 he joined the family business where he excelled in technical, statistical and managerial aspects of the business.

Nadim has two daughters and continues to co-manage the Shehfe enterprise with his brother and nephews in Alexandria.

Albert Mounir Shehfe, the eldest son of Mounir, was born in Alexandria in 1982. He earned his BA in Business Administration from the American University in Beirut, Lebanon and later earned an MSC in International Business from the University of Surrey in the UK. Albert’s vocation was to join the family business and he did so in 2004 taking charge of all productions at Shehfe Casings Co.

Karl Mounir Shehfe, born in Beirut, Lebanon, in 1984, earned a BS in Marketing from Lebanese American University in Beirut, and later earned a MS in Finance from Webster Graduate School, Regent’s College, London, UK. Karl worked in a financial management company in London before joining the family business in January 2008, where he is currently in charge of all logistics and local market sales.