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Shehfe Casings Co specializes in the processing of animal casings and providing the following services:


A specialized team of workers are cleaning sheep casings by hand using the traditional bamboo stick method. This is done in a completely segregated premises.



From the washing and opening of the original sheep, hog, beef or horse casings to their grading of quality and caliber.



The final product is measured manually into hanks of various lengths and strands according to the requirements of the customers.



Using food grade, vacuum salt, dried salted, wet salted and brined hanks are produced according to market requirements.



Imported tubing machines and imported soft and hard tubes are used to fulfill this need of many end-users.



Horse casings and beef casings with fat are defatted by hand using special knives.



Casings can also be dried and sewn, as the necessary equipment and expertise is available.


With three large refrigerated warehouses and a massive freezing capacity the casings can be stored, maintained and managed for future production or transit requirements.



Various packing methods are provided such as barrels of various shapes and sizes, buckets, boxes, and bags. Provisions are made for dry or wet packing requirements.