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From the initial plant in the free zone of Alexandria designed to select about 20,000 hanks of sheep casings per month, the plant is now operating from an approved, modern establishment selecting more than 150,000 hanks of sheep casings per month along with many other products.

Operations started with a workforce of 35 growing to about 500 persons in 2003. The premises themselves have undergone many transformations and expansions in 1988, 1991, 1998, 2002 and recently in 2008.

This has allowed for the growth in capacity and also for the implementation of the latest developments and techniques to accommodate all requirements of possible EU and USDA certifications. Today Shehfe Casings selects sheep intestines mainly on a contract processing basis for clients from all over the world. The casings are being imported from New Zealand, Australia, Mongolia, South and North America, Europe, Gulf, and the Middle East to be processed on premises and then re-exported to the EU, USA, Japan, South America and anywhere upon the clients' request. The operation has also expanded to accommodate selections of hog, beef and horse casings also imported from all over the world and processed according to the desires of the partner clients.

Over the years, Shehfe Casings Co. has established extensive relationships with various government authorities and shipping companies. This provides customers with a highly efficient shipping and import/export service.

Financially, Shehfe Casings Co. is in a strong position and also benefits from excellent relationships with local and international financial institutions. This provides excellent opportunities for innovations and expansion, the catalyst for growth.