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Egypt, is a country blessed by its mild Mediterranean climate, its varied topography and its long and varied history. The natural resources of the country are also abundant, such as water, oil and food products but Egypt’s strength lies in its geographical location and labor

Geographically, Egypt lies at the crossroads of three continents, Africa, Asia and Europe. From its ideal position in the Eastern, Southern corner of the Mediterranean and along the Red Sea and having the Suez Canal, ships come and go from and to all corners of the world. For example, from the port of Alexandria, one can ship goods to Northern Europe every day. International shipping lines, agents and forwarding agents are present in all Egyptian ports, and transit time from Europe or the US to Alexandria is between 12 to 17 days and the return trip takes even less time. The airports of Egypt receive most major international airlines daily carrying tourists and cargo. One can fly into Alexandria from anywhere in Europe in a mere four hours.

Communications, such as telephones, mobile phones, faxes, the internet…etc. are all easily available and up to international standards.

Financially, there is a sound, sophisticated and growing financial sector. Numerous local and international banks and a growing capital market are in operation ensuring international banking and trading transactions follow all international norms and conventions.

The 90 million people of Egypt forms a strong, abundant, cost efficient and reliable workforce. This workforce of men and women of all ages with a reasonable level of education, are all eager to work. Such a workforce has shown that when properly trained and managed could be trusted to produce and process the required products with the required specifications. From the legal aspect, Egypt has four major free zones with fully established infrastructures and strategically located near major ports and airports.

The Free Zone of Amreya is just 30 km out of Alexandria and has been established to encourage foreign firms to enjoy the strategic advantages Egypt provides and at the same time offering tax free, duty free and other facilities that enhance the establishment of export oriented operations.

Shehfe Casings Co is located in the Free Zone of Amreya and thus enjoys the advantages of its proximity to the port and the availability of the labor provided by a city as large as Alexandria with its population of 7 million.

Alexandria in particular as described by Lawrence Durrell, is "a city near Egypt" enjoys a beautiful climate, the Mediterranean, and a cosmopolitan culture. These make it a very attractive city to live, work and socialize.